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The AirClean Filter System
Miele vacuum cleaners’ exceptional filtration is based on a multi-stage system. It consists of the innovative Miele HyClean dustbag, motor protection filter and Miele exhaust filter. The interaction of these components ensures that more than 99.9% of fine dust is filtered. You can breathe with ease! The air that comes out of the vacuum is purer than the room air that went in!

The Miele AirClean Sealed System
seals the entire vacuum and not just the exhaust filter, so bacteria and allergens are not released back into the air.  Miele vacuum cleaners are airtight.
Miele has three different exhaust filters:
•  Active AirClean filters for good indoor air
•  HEPA AirClean filter for those with allergies or asthma
•  AirClean filter for cleaner room air

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